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Nicolas Abtan Art

Solitude (60x36)

Solitude (60x36)

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Size: 60x36 inches

Canvas: Wood canvas, 1.5 inch boarders painted black

Finish: Glossy varnish for UV protection

About the Art: This painting is a 3D skeleton fully out of the canvas using innovative supports and acrylic painting mediums. A wire base, acrylic paint and modeling paste to be specific. This painting has many different meanings left to the viewer.


To hang: Screw 2 screws in the drywall. Make sure they are at equal heights so the painting is straight on the wall.

To clean: You can dust with a long hair paint brush or lightly wipe with a slightly damp cloth, the varnish should protect against water however it must be mostly dry just to be safe. Avoid using a duster at all cost, as it can get caught in the paint and chip pieces, condensed air will also work.

To unbox: This painting will be packaged in reused packaging to increase sustainability, simply cut the tape to unfold the ends of the box, you will see it is strapped to a wall of the cardboard. Carefully remove the straps and enjoy your new painting!

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