Warranty Policy

Why I Give Warranty: Structural integrity is the biggest part of my 3D art, and I am fully confident to guarantee these paintings will not break or I will repair them with the policies below.  

30 Day Warranty: Each painting sold here has a 30 day repair warranty (from the date of delivery) where I will repair a painting free of charge, as well as paying for the shipping fees by sending the customer compensation for the shipping fee after receiving a receipt. I will only repair a painting once in the 30 days entirely free.

1 Year Warranty: I also offer free repairs on any painting within 1 year of purchase, as long as the returning shipping fees are covered by the customer, I will repair any painting 1 time from the end of the 30 day coverage to the end of the year. 

Femme Rêvant (Local Only)

This is my largest painting I have ever made, a whopping 92 by 36 inches! One of my favourites to date, this detailed piece depicts a dreaming lady. This painting will only be sold near Toronto due to its size and will only be hand delivered by me. Contact below for more photos, pricing information or any questions you may have, and please include the name of the painting.

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