Warranty Policy

30 Day Warranty:

Each painting sold here has a 30 day repair warranty (from the date of delivery) where I will repair a painting free of charge, as well as paying for the shipping fees by sending the customer compensation for the shipping fee after receiving a receipt. I will only repair a painting once in the 30 days entirely free.


1 Year Warranty:

I also offer free repairs on any painting within 1 year of purchase, as long as the returning shipping fees are covered by the customer, I will repair any painting 1 time from the end of the 30 day coverage to the end of the year. 


Why I Give Warranty: 

Structural integrity is the biggest part of my 3D art, and I am fully confident to guarantee these paintings will not break or I will repair them with the policies above.

Note: I have the right to cancel any commission or warranty for any reason if I feel I am being taken advantage of. This is to protect against potential fraud.

Updated June 12th 2023

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