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  • First Internet Post

    This painting was my first post on TikTok and my first internet post since I was a child. This started everything I currently have. Video posted May 5th 2020.

  • First Viral Painting

    This was my first painting to reach 500k views and was posted by many art pages. Video posted on June 4th 2020.

  • My First Piece to be Revealed

    On October 30th 2021 my first painting was purchased to be revealed at a show by York University hosting a well known artist.

  • First Out-of-Canvas Painting

    This was the first out-of-canvas painting I made on December 24th 2021 and is entirely acrylic paint. This was also my first video to pass 5 million views.

  • First Moving Painting

    With the swing made entirely of acrylic paint, this painting was also my most well known, almost reaching 20 million views along with hundreds of accounts reposting it. Posted Feb. 17th 2022.

  • My Most 3D Piece

    Entirely sculpted with paint and wires, this painting was a step up to see how much further I could push this 3D idea.

  • Solitude

    This painting came from a vision I had and carries out many meanings of nature, life and death all in one piece.

  • Materials

    Made using primarily acrylic mediums, most of the acrylic modeling paste is held up by a metal wire base, though the flowers are pure acrylic paint.

  • Close up

    I incorperated some hanging vines made with pure acrylic paint on the rib cage, which is where this technique all started.

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