My Story

I have been posting my art online since August 2020 and have had first opened my website and shop in March of 2021, selling my first paintings. However, I have been painting since I was about 14-15 and have loved it from the first day to now, being 21. Before I ever started painting, I had been sketching since I was about 5. I learned this passion in my kindergarten class. My mother had also always been amazing at art and inspired me to keep going.

I kept drawing for years, and eventually became huge on drawing cartoons, then dragons and finally faces. My faces I did randomly, then I started seeing pages online of art. I would send them pictures in hopes of being posted some day, and started posting all my drawings on my page. I then spent weeks on a tiger sketch and it was my favourite piece for years after. I sent it to a page in hopes of being posted, and they opened it without a reply. The 13 year old me was crushed, and I quit drawing, deleted my art pages and gave up for a while. 

When I was 14-15 I was begged to make a painting for my aunt, and decided to try and started originally painting animals. That's when I fell in love with painting and made many animals, eventually to change my style to landscapes as practice to paint nicer backgrounds for my animals. This made me realize how much I really admire nature, and I decided to pursue Biology in University to learn more. I studied a lot in University and will soon be exploring the rest of my passions for Biology through art. When Covid-19 hit, I was taking classes online and had spare time so I kept painting and painting until I ran out of supplies. This is when some friends convinced me to post online again, so I did.

I received such amazing support and still do, you people treat me with such respect and kindness, and really helped me improve myself. I never imagined making money from art or ever becoming popular, it was no longer an idea that was possible to me, so I was posting just for fun. And my followers helped motivate me to open a store, and with many iterations, here I am today. My first painting sale was the "Beauty in Time" for about $800 and that was the day after my website launch. I was almost feeling guilty for the prices, but seeing people put their trust in me was a huge motivation to some day make that painting worth more money for them. I started selling more and more, and although my prices and sales increased, I was slowly losing money from the paintings I sold at the time as there are many expenses to this business.

Eventually, my prices went from a textured painting of 36x24 inches selling at $800 to a painting half the size at 24x18 inches selling for just under $10,000! It's a dream beyond dreams for me, and I am so happy that the people who trusted me in the beginning can most definitely profit off my paintings now. As of Sept. 19th 2022, my highest sold painting was $14,000 CAD. But this is just the start, I want each person who buys my paintings to have it pay off for them, so I have increased my ambitions once again. If you believe in me, just know this is still the beginning for me.

You helped my dreams that were so farfetched come to reality, and now I have dropped out of school to paint full time. Never give up on a dream no matter how difficult it seems to be. I hope you can understand how grateful I am. I'm here to inspire you all, to use my platform for good, hopefully help people, and to chase my biggest dream that I have had since I was a kid, to do good for this world. I have already started slowly donating to charity, and hope to continue doing this regularly and increasingly, as just the beginning of my goals. Thank you for reading this and I hope you take care.

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