Meet Nicolas

With his family roots from Morocco and France, Toronto based artist Nicolas Abtan has been honing his skills as a painter with acrylics for several years. A 3rd year Biology student at York University, he has found a way to intersect his love of art, nature and science into his distinct original paintings. 

Originally focusing on animals, his style has transitioned into capturing bright colourful landscapes and creating surrealistic designs. Nicolas uses techniques learned from his landscapes and animal paintings in his surrealism. He enjoys mixing specific swirls, exaggerated shapes, and curving lines and textures into skies, where skies should normally be clear. He enjoys making art that makes you think, feel and ask questions. "There's a certain feeling you get when you see something that looks real but has all these details you've never seen before and each time you look at the piece you discover something new" His goal is to bring colour and curiosity into people’s lives, cities and homes by providing quality artwork that is made to inspire.

Nic is happy to connect anytime and you can see his work on his website, live painting tutorials on his Youtube channel or check out his Instagram for a full portfolio. 

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