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Nicolas Abtan Art

Swing of the Fall (36x24)

Swing of the Fall (36x24)

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Size: 36x24 inches

Canvas: Birch wood canvas, 1.5 inch boarders painted black

Finish: Glossy varnish for UV protection

More Details: This painting is signed in the bottom left corner, as well as signed in the back. The date of when it was completed is also included on the back. It is possibly one of the first few moving paintings ever made!


About the Art: This painting is a moving painting with a swinging swing, using bright and vibrant fall colours to stand out in a calming way. Mostly made with acrylic paints, I was inspired by the comforting vibrance of the fall, and used the colours in combination with the light to try and capture the feeling I get in the fall. Complete bliss, where your brain is only focused on 3 things, the smell, the colours, and the noise of leaves crunching and hitting the floor, knowing it won't last long.



To hang: Screw 2 screws in the drywall. Make sure they are at equal heights so the painting is straight on the wall. 

To clean: You can dust with a long hair paint brush or lightly wipe with a slightly damp cloth, the varnish should protect against water however it must be mostly dry just to be safe. Avoid using a duster at all cost, as it can get caught in the paint and chip pieces, condensed air will also work.

To unbox: This painting will be packaged in reused packaging to increase sustainability, simply cut the tape to unfold the ends of the box, you will see it is strapped to a wall of the cardboard. Carefully remove the straps and enjoy your new moving painting!


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